Mathematician of Nigeria said that he was able to prove the Riemann hypothesis

18 November 2015
Nigerian mathematician opium Enoch from the Federal University in Oye-Ekiti, said that he was able to prove the Riemann hypothesis, which scientists have been trying unsuccessfully to solve for the past 156 years, the BBC reports.
The problem is on the list of seven "millennium problems", compiled by the Institute of Clay.
According to The Telegraph, the university's press service confirmed the fact of Enoch proof of the Riemann hypothesis. Representatives of institutions said that a mathematician previously simulated systems that allow to receive energy from the wind and the ocean.
However, the Clay Mathematics Institute (Cambridge, Massachusetts) said that the achievement will be recorded only after its publication in the international journal of high repute. Thus it is necessary to achieve verification of the scientific community. Without the implementation of these conditions hypothesis is still considered unproven.