A new greatest prime number

20 January 2016
American professor Curtis Cooper of the University of Central Missouri opened a new science of the most well-known prime number. It is equal to 2 74,207,281 - 1 and has 22,338,618 digits, reports New Scientist.
The opening of the new project took place thanks to GIMPS (Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search), using the computers of Internet users. Detection algorithm similar numbers based on their search in the form of numbers Marin Mersenne, who have the form 2 p - 1, where p is also a prime number.
Using this algorithm, and 15 and the most recent large primes have been found. The search for such numbers has practical value. For example, not so long ago GIMPS help detect an error in the Intel Skylake processors operating at high load.
It is noteworthy that the last time the largest prime number as Cooper opened in 2013 - it was equal to 2 57,885,161 - 1 and contained more than 17 million digits. Then, for this discovery mathematician he received three thousand dollars.
At present science knows about 49 Mersenne primes. The total number of primes - indefinitely.