History of the Faculty of MFII

The Faculty of Physics and Mathematics was created simultaneously with the creation of the Institute itself in the autumn of 1938. The department, as well as the faculty, was supervised this year by the physicist Petr Petrovich Palgunov. In addition to it, in the first years of the Institutes existence there were only two faculties (the Faculty of History and the Russian Language and Literature Department). At all faculties of the Institute there were only 5 departments, including the only physico-mathematical department in the physics and mathematics department (the faculty trained teachers who could teach both mathematics and physics).

The Faculty of Mathematics has existed since 1964. Until then, in the Tula Pedagogical Institute. L.N. Tolstoy was only a mathematical department of the physics and mathematics faculty.

Essayan AR, Simonov AS, Baranov IA, Pikhtilkov SA, Rybakov VI, Bezverkhniy VN, Sotsky played a significant role in the development of the faculty, in the training of scientific and pedagogical cadres NN, Zakurenov VM, Mokrova AM, Korobkov VS and others.